Well, I started to “play” a bit of Cajon after a show in 2011, with a saw with Yuri and Roger. The guys that were doing the songs were doing mostly covers and later let us play with the instruments.

So I found out that I really like percussion instruments and it’s great, cause that time my bass skills were not developing as fast as I thought they would.


Recently I moved to Toronto, ON, from Montreal and talking with some friends here –  friend of friends too –  we got together some guys and we started to play a bit. I actually bought MY FIRST CAJON. It was great, we realized that it was missing a singer, actually, a female singer. So then, we announced on kijiji and more than two people replied!
We did some tests and essays and we are selecting our female lead singer, which will start playing with us at nights on clubs and stuff. So we might get back to Montreal just for some small demos, who knows!! We have a set with several songs in different styles.

I will keep posted about this later on!


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