Learning nihongo update – Ado


After about 6 months of learning nihongo – aka Japanese, I can say I moved from A1 to A1. The language is considerably difficulty and one must be very disciplined to continue studying every day and make progress. But I did some progress though, when listening to a song, now I can recognize a few words (yes, that was my progress). But I want to end in a good note (and hopeful) and will continue to learn for the next 2/3y and be able to progress considerably. It takes more discipline than anything else – and consistence.

For sure I will make more progress when learning Japanese in Japan, but I will push the max I can do here in カナダ.

For sharing (シェアする – she a su ru) here is a song that I like very much by a Japanese Australian singer (yes born in 2002) ~ Ado. She has a magnificent and strong voice.

Verbs to learn on this song:

喰らって –> eat

 アンダスタン –> lol! anderstand