DG/EAP beta 8 with Helm Charts


Back on DG/EAP 7 we used to use template for Source to image deployments at some point.

In fact I liked template deployment of course you need to import the templates and such, but I don’t think it is bad from a functional perspective. And the Operator is so simple, it gives much more time for the user to focus on what matters.

I think helm charts will streamline this process, instead of templates. It is pretty interesting and very flexible in some ways.

## to install
helm install <release_name> chart <flags>  --> flags can be in the middle as well
## to upgrade
helm upgrade <release_name> chart <flags> --> flags can be in the middle as well
## to uninstall 
helm uninstall <release_name>

It is interesting to handle the pod’s yaml directly on the statefulset/route instead of the custom resources, which is the default by the operator. It is a sense of a flexibility and responsibility as well, given there is much more room for the user to screw up.

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