Although I finished my masters in 2017, in June, I still attend conferences and also send some papers for conferences I consider important – or related to what I do.
I think computer science and programming are basically an art and therefore it’s imperative to spread/share it not only with books but with our experience and contributions.


I think is a good way to meet people, learn things and also travel to different destinations, for example, a conference in Wien (aka Viena), or Graz, or even Portugal.

I usually use Wikicfp[1] to find conferences that have some alignment with the things I usually work, for example, conferences in python or scrum.

Recently I submitted some stuff for the ECRM conference, summarizing some work I previously did as Scrum Master.

Although my passion is Latex (sharelatex/overleaf), for some conferences I develop my summaries in onedrive or google drive, so I can share with Gabriel A., since we usually work together.



[2] (Legacy)


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