Planning for activities



I like to be on time on my events, instead of being ahead. Waiting 15 minutes is usually a waste of time when I can be reading some interesting news about SpaceX or programming in python at home.

However, some time ago I went to do an English exam, I think it was CELPIP. So I was going to be 15 minutes before the exam start – THIS IS A MISTAKE – but one station before the train actually stopped and asked everyone to leave. So there were so many people, although it was very nearby I could only get there 5 minutes AFTER! So no candles and no crying, I needed to book another exam.  I wrote an email right away to them, but it wasn’t enough actually.
Lesson learned, now I go to places 30 minutes/15 minutes before and carry my poetry book.

My list for controlling anxiety

Poetry book

Turn off the cellphone’s 3G

Count, this makes your prefrontal cortex activate and relieve stress

Sing a song, either in your mind or very low
Do some exercises or stretching


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