South Africa Conference – ECRM 2019

Intro Going to this conference in the Wits School of Business was really cool, basically one of the best business schools in Africa! Johannesburg It’s a very interesting city, with better infrastructure than most of the capitals of cities in South America. The population is very polite and driving on the left is quite challenging. Pretoria Small and cozy city, but very cool. Not that far from Jozy actually, about 50 min, the same as the Conference This time was a smaller conference than the one in Austria, but very interesting speeches and discussions. The fact that the conference was small, allowed a better and deeper interaction with the members. Cape Town Unfortunately, this will be for the next visit. Safari We end up going to the Safari Lion & Park and met Post Malone!!
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People People there are amazing, the customer service for restaurants and commerce is really great.

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