Avatar and plot driven movies


I love Avatar, both of them, great movie. Made by a Canadian. Astonishing images. Back in year ago when I was released, but still have impressive images. Pandora is amazing.

However, the second has one main problem: it is 100% plot driven – not character driven. That’s not a spoiler, but be aware that the characters won’t make hard choices and set up a path for adventures. It is pretty much the opposite, the plot happens despite the characters’ choice.

Basically there is only one character that drive the plot: the whale and maybe the “bad guys” as well and one/two difficult choices. No big dilemma or little components that make the character choices critical ending.

The movie is not bad though, but probably on the Avatar series it won’t be the top 1st best.

At some point I gave up the plot and only was seeing the movie, like I used to watch Windows media player would create just for the music.

I mean arguably, one can image several scenarios and how each character should behave. And the end result may not even be better than the final result. But changing some part of the script, not 100% the fundamental here, the result would be 2x better and the characters would be much more relatable. Because we relate with characters that make choices, even bad ones.

But the explanation is likely because there will be several movies, so this one is just setting up some stones so then the next movies there will be some dilemmas and hard choices.

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