About & Papers


Investigating leaks in Java (JCMD is your friend). The Developers Conference Porto Alegre, Brazil. Francisco de Melo. Wednesday, December 2nd 2020


Technology gap of Latin countries. 2nd Conference A Window Onto Latin-America: A 21st Century Re-signification of a Never-Ending Conquest. York, United Kingdom.  Isnaldo Francisco de Melo Jr¹, Victor Maldonado. November 8th 2019.

Non-Scrum Implementation: A Methodological Approach for Small Companies. ECRM 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa. Isnaldo Francisco de Melo Jr¹, Gabriel Alabarse Rocha Mendes², Sheila Aleixo Gelmetti³. June 20th, 2019.


Automated performance deviation detection across software versions releases. Communication écrite présentée à 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS), Prague, Czech Republic (8 pages). doi: 10.1109/qrs.2017.55 Benbachir, A., Melo, I. F. D., Dagenais, M. R. & Adams, B. (2017, juillet).

Performance Analysis Using Automatic Grouping 2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS)
I. F. De Melo Junior and A. Benbachir and M. Dagenais


A Game Framework to Teach Computer Science Concepts. ECGBL – European Conference Games Based Learning 2017, Graz, Austria.

Data mining using trace and debug info. H2HC University 2017. São Paulo, Brazil.


(Attended Conference: Run Time conference in Viena, on September 22 to 25, September. Wien, Austria.)


Neuroscience and games. A development approach. TDC, The developers Conference, 2014, Florianopolis, Brazil.


Paper: Review of the Video Game Neuroanatomy: the role of NAc (Not Published).


Project: Development of a desktop program to process the data from 152 Europium (Not published).


Quadkopter Conference: Project: Smart network of autonomous sensors using hash algorithm supervised by  Ms Joaquim P. Filho –  Presented at Anhembi Morumbi university year 2014*. Implementation with Arduino. *Presented in a scientific meeting:  VII Encontro Científico e de Iniciação Científica Anhembi Morumbi,  in University Anhembi Morumbi


Construção de Modelos químicos tridimensionais para um ambiente de realidade virtual imersiva. Project submitted as undergraduate project at Mackenzie University – supervised by Prof Dr Ismar Frango at Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo.

Fields of Interest

  • Java/ JDK – JVM/Infinispan -Data Grid/JBoss -Wildfly
  • Python
  • Performance in General:  Profilers, Tracers, Data mining, Parallel programming, AI

About me

Bachelor in Computer Science. Master at Polytechnique Montreal working with tracing and Linux tools. Exchange in Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS.

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