About & Papers

2023 [submitted]

ICKE 2023. Francisco de Melo and Gabriel Alabarse.

2022 [cancelled]

Android Development Global Summit 22 Francisco de Melo and Gabriel Alabarse. June 22nd 2022


Investigating leaks in Java (JCMD is your friend). The Developers Conference Porto Alegre, Brazil. Francisco de Melo. Wednesday, December 2nd 2020


Technology gap of Latin countries. 2nd Conference A Window Onto Latin-America: A 21st Century Re-signification of a Never-Ending Conquest. York, United Kingdom.  Francisco de Melo Jr¹, Victor Maldonado. November 8th 2019.

Non-Scrum Implementation: A Methodological Approach for Small Companies. ECRM 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa. Francisco de Melo Jr¹, Gabriel Alabarse Rocha Mendes², Sheila Aleixo Gelmetti³. June 20th, 2019.


Automated performance deviation detection across software versions releases. Communication écrite présentée à 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS), Prague, Czech Republic (8 pages). doi: 10.1109/qrs.2017.55 Benbachir, A., Melo, I. F. D., Dagenais, M. R. & Adams, B. (2017, juillet).

Performance Analysis Using Automatic Grouping 2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (QRS)
I. F. De Melo Junior and A. Benbachir and M. Dagenais


A Game Framework to Teach Computer Science Concepts. ECGBL – European Conference Games Based Learning 2017, Graz, Austria.

Data mining using trace and debug info. H2HC University 2017. São Paulo, Brazil.


(Attended Conference: Run Time conference in Viena, on September 22 to 25, September. Wien, Austria.)


Neuroscience and games. A development approach. TDC, The developers Conference, 2014, Florianopolis, Brazil.


Paper: Review of the Video Game Neuroanatomy: the role of NAc (Not Published).


Project: Development of a desktop program to process the data from 152 Europium (Not published).


Quadkopter Conference: Project: Smart network of autonomous sensors using hash algorithm supervised by  Ms Joaquim P. Filho –  Presented at Anhembi Morumbi university year 2014*. Implementation with Arduino. *Presented in a scientific meeting:  VII Encontro Científico e de Iniciação Científica Anhembi Morumbi,  in University Anhembi Morumbi


Construção de Modelos químicos tridimensionais para um ambiente de realidade virtual imersiva. Project submitted as undergraduate project at Mackenzie University – supervised by Prof Dr Ismar Frango at Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo.

Fields of Interest

  • Data Grid/Infinispan (Operators)
  • Java/ JDK – JVM/JBoss – Wildfly
  • Go and Python. Kubernetes (of course, who isn’t?)
  • Performance in General:  Profilers, Tracers, Data mining, Parallel programming, AI

About me

I work for Red Hat but articles here are all done in my personal capacity and obviously do not represent the at all the company, as Wohson says in his website 🙂

Eng at Red Hat a few years already. MSc at Polytechnique, Bachelor in CS. Mostly working with debugging/tracing and Linux tools, RHEL or Ubuntu (got my first ubuntu in 2006).

That’s me here, it seems other people have the same name and spelling, so here it is me and my GitHub (the photo was taken in in Gosser Brau in Graz Austria, Michelin recommended restaurant a few years ago).

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