Cicada 3301 ~ pt 2



After seeing the videos, I started to test some python codes to decrypt the book, or at least verify what was not used.


Therefore I created some python scripts to parse and test some algorithms on, which I think is quite useful.

Validation Algorithm

The validation is a simple algorithm that can validate the answer using a dictionary, but I implemented using the Wikipedia validation.



The results I have so far, show that the pages did not use cryptography atbash with any cryptography key.

    First program implemented ~ code

With this program we were able to prove that the first 4 pages and the last page is not using Arbaat ~ with swift [-28 to 28]. 

    Done: Arbaat verification from -28 to28.

     Doing: Implementing now the backward verification [done]

What is missing: the only possibility is to use Arbaat with anagram words

Result: atbash was not used on those pages

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