Chaos Engineering



Although I already talked about this before, I think it worth mentioning – I talked before about Chaos Monkey and the Simian Army, but there are actually some interesting principles around Chaos Eng actually worth mentioning.


It is the discipline to run several tests on production in order to make it robust and foresee issues – the first is basic for any scientific experiment. This has started on Netflix, but it’s quite interesting and now has spread all over.

The main principles are the following ones:

Build a Hypothesis around Steady State Behavior

Vary Real-world Events

Run Experiments in Production

Automate Experiments to Run Continuously

Minimize Blast Radius

Large scale

I think for large scales application, those kinds of tests are very important and even Forbes made a report about it. Minimizing the blast radius of the issues that the system might face is quite an interesting highlight here.

Reference Book

I didn’t read it but it’s on my reading list: Chaos Engineering – by Ali Basiri, Nora Jones, Aaron Blohowiak, Lorin Hochstein, Casey Rosenthal



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