UnFair Scheduler on movies



Once I watched a movie and the director, in an interview, suggested he developed an algorithm to help the development of a good script + popularity. That’s amazing, except by the fact that I can’t find his name or the record of this interview, I think it was Padilha – Elit Squad 1&2/ Robocop – new version.

Movies vs algorithms

I think it is totally possible to develop such algorithms, and I think actually that Netflix was able to develop something similar. At least, that what I think, some guidelines to develop for some niches. I think the plot is not made by a machine, yet, but has some hints – although the development is not done by Netflix itself, but rather by 3rd party productions – I made a small list of some hints on those movies:

   Some series always include the elements below:

80’s songs

Dark illumination/ some specific colours on the illumination

A strong female character with the development of self-steam

Confusing male characters

Queue algorithm

Although the hints above seem to appear always on those series, my main hypothesis is actually a queueing algorithm similar to the kernel scheduler of changing contexts. Well, bare with me on this one.

Each character is a process and has several scenes to be executed. If we get all the characters and split the time equally for the duration of a movie/series you have a Fair Scheduler [1].

But, this might not be the best, since the limbic human system (Musk quoting here) might wait more and more for the scenes of a certain character. In this case, for example, another algorithm could place a specific character more or less, in a not fair way to maximize climax or to focus in a specific detail of the plot. In an Unfair Scheduler, the time is divided equally for all the characters except one, which has less or more time than the others.


[1]  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Completely_Fair_Scheduler

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