Side job



Although not on my CV, or Linkedin Profile, when I move to a new place and before getting a job in my field I usually start working in a not IT related job. It was like this in Sao Paulo, then Montreal and then Toronto.

Cleaning, dishes, cooking and organizing

In Sao Paulo, I delivered food, cooked pizzas and even worked in a factory. All valid experiences and I carry all the people I met in the same place. Diskcook, Dominos Pizza, being an office-boy delivering documents.

In Montreal I started with restaurants and it was a very interesting opportunity to work – stand up – meet people and go beyond my bubble of computer related stuff. The nights at Le Poke Bar and La Banquise were awesome, lots of work and lots of fun with the team.

In Toronto, I started working at Batch Restaurant and Bar, amazing place, amazing people. We had more fun there working than when I was at my home or hanging out sometimes haha!

I think this makes me see the things a bit differently than just if I had IT jobs or as they say in Brazil, “working in the office”.


My conclusion is that I learned and improved humility by working on all those jobs and learn many lessons that I wouldn’t learn that fast in my own field.

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