Some years ago, I started to follow Elon Musk on the news, basically, every day since Falcon 9 came back, that was memorable. I’m really glad I can live at the same time as this guy and see many space endeavours such as landings and going to Mars.

Newsfeed at Google

I keep looking for it every day before going to bed. It’s like a hobby. Unfortunately, the current algorithm for google news classification only takes into consideration the time a news was generated, instead of bringing me something new, it brings several times the same news from different sources.

Suggestion for Google:

Algorithm for News

       1. Open all the news without classification
        2. I read a news
        3. This news is registered and it’s main content marked
        4. The news line comes again without the news I already read.

Falcon Heavy and BRF

I think Falcon 9 made an extremely interesting evolution, especially now with Block 5 series, in terms of reducing the cost.  However, the FH and the Big Falcon Rocket will certainly be fantastic machines.

I remember the day we saw FH launching and coming back, the two boosters at the same time, this was at Maya. It was really something cool.
The BRF is always changing and this makes it difficult to follow, but there are some sources as and YouTubers specialized on space content that makes it easier to gather all this information. Not just the names changes, but the specifications too.
I would like to understand actually is why they just release another Falcon 9 with the new Raptors engines, a Block 6 for example, just a test for Raptors engines first, instead of developing it straight to BRF.



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