The Reader – Der Vorleser



Although I try to keep this blog a formal and for programming stuff, sometimes I talk about more stuff. Today I want to talk about the movie/book, which I saw yesterday. Every time I see it, I understand it differently. The first time was that Hanna was very proud and stubborn, later on, the second time I saw it, I was sure she was innocent and that HE was wrong by not helping her. The third time, yesterday, I think she was partially guilt but might be not pursued as of common criminal (fr: Imputabilite – pt-br: inimputavel).

The book vs The movie

There are some interesting changes in the book and in the movie – spoiler – in the book Hanna tried to contact him before killing herself. But anyways.

Love vs sociopath

For all the explanations I found online, I didn’t find two possible explanations for her behaviour, which are the following:

i) Hanna, although an adult, is still a child in terms of emotional intelligence and naive – and therefore does not understand and express really well love. She does all she was taught, like work and self-organization. However, she does not knows how to READ AND TO LOVE, since she was never taught. Basically, this hypothesis deals with her background – no family and no friends – and that love is an ability that can be learnt.

ii) Hanna, although very well organized and adult, is basically not able to love, either because she has a sociopath condition or for some other reason, like she is in the ASD – autism spectrum. In fact, this would explain many of her intriguing behaviours, such as the fact that she can’t put herself on other person’s mind when the church is on fire.

Question: Does she really had the intention to kill the kids on the church, aka Mens rea[1] of the crime?


The movie

The book



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