Facebook new spam algorithm



Today 12/10 I have an impression that they changed the spam verification algorithm on FB to verify backwards posts. A friend of mine came to me saying that her post was deleted without noticing, while I receive a message from FB asking if one of my posts was Spam.

Mine image was just a meme of a guy with a big hammer. No doubt they ask right, hammers nowadays = communism, JK.

Change on Algorithm

The changes evidently show that the algorithm is also verifying the image, i.e. the recognition pattern, and I’m sure they are using some historical, distortion pattern verification or even mood comparison. The image is below and we can see that it would fail in one of those three hypotheses.


Everton Zoi has his youtube channel where I extracted the image above [1], this video he used a hammer to complain about some racist comments on the internet.


[1] https://www.youtube.com/user/djzoi0


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