Music, Dancing and programming



I remember when I first started to play the bass guitar, back in 2012. The school was near the university, like very near, about 15 minutes and I could stay a bit later on Wednesdays, which was a day the courses would start at 19h or later.

The bass is a very important instrument for music composition and percussion too. It marks the flow of the music and its body. Later on, I had contact with the drums and it was really cool for me. But also important for the learning process at the university.


I think music combines two important things: total attention and free-time activity. That is, your brain is totally on that moment since it must pay attention to the lyrics and movements AND it is relaxed on the other problems of life or work.

Playing a musical instrument actually makes you happier [0]. Besides, there is some relation between music, dance actually, and wellbeing – a way to say happines[1]. But I will talk about dance on another day.
There is some relation of coding and playing a musical instrument too, I can record how many times I had mini-EUREKA after dancing or playing the Cajon. But this I will talk another day too.





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