Facebook sharing algorithm



Reading about the news and the elections back in Brazil, I recently found out that 100 sites/pages make the force for one candidate on the elections, Bolsonaro (far right-wing) with over 12.3 million interactions on Facebook alone. His main page has 7million subscribers. All that interactions, according to Estadao analysis[1], are from only one group RFA, which controls more than one hundred pages under this umbrella.

Facebook sharing alg.

Well, obviously FB ranks the post according to the relevance, i.e. a combination of positive factors (comments, sharing, reactions) and neutral factors (clicks, views etc).

However, interestingly I wonder how one group of media is responsive for 12.3milions of interactions, which is the highest on Brazil among all the pages, including Neymar pages.
I can see that the opposition (i.e. Haddad campaign) might have more money! So how come they have more interactions?

Well, doing some analysis here, the hypothesis that I currently have is: Although the left has more pages, they have style. The right-wing pages have different nuances, sometimes completely different ones.  That’s very well thought actually.   I remember when learning game programming for AI there were adaptative algorithms, and I think that’s the answer. It’s an adaptative algorithm [2] to release several pages, see how they generate interactions and keep improving from that. Actually, the book helped us to create adaptative characters, which have different skills sets, randomly created and therefore can find the weak spots of the player, they can be also self-adaptives too.
The pages are totally unrelated and for a common/fast reader it’s not explicitly saying they have something related actually. Each page has its own characteristics, e.g. person that talks, name, figures, post dates and style.

So although they content is right-wing, it has more impact on the common population, the pages that don’t generate sharing are basically excluded or changed.

So yeah, congrats RFA, that is controlled by Novo Brasil Empreendimentos Digitais Ltda, which is owned by Ernani Fernandes Barbosa Neto and Thais Raposo do Amaral Pinto Chaves. You cracked the sharing system really well, indeed. macte virtute!


[1] https://politica.estadao.com.br/noticias/eleicoes,rede-pro-bolsonaro-engaja-mais-do-que-madonna-e-neymar,70002544629

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptive_algorithm


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