Head First Design Pattern and Christopher Okhravi



    During a interview, I remember we talking about MVC models and how the change in the Model would change overall model. I was asked then what was this pattern. And I was like (forgot face ???) instead of saying Strategy Pattern.
    Thanks for Christopher Okhravi, nowadays 12 of them are straight on youtube videos[2] from the book [1].

Design Patterns

  Strategy Pattern
         Using composition over inheritance
  Observer Pattern
         Poll vs Push archtecture. Keep on asking for changes
   Decorator Pattern – adding behavior dynamically to an object
   Factory Pattern – creation of objects
   Abstract Factory – build objects without specify the concrete object
  Singleton – restricts to one unique object the creation
  Command Pattern – encapsultes request as object, and have a queue of command
   Composite Pattern – combine requests for example commands.


[1] Head First Design Patterns

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