Choice supportive bias in train



It’s very usual to see people selling stuff in the trains in Sao Paulo.
Once coming back from work, in a train back in Sao Paulo, someone started to offer a hamer to the people inside the train car.
It was bizarre. No one wanted to buy the hamer obvously.
(The more bizarre was the choice supportive bias that happened two minutes later – wait for it)
But then one person on the other side of the train raise the hand and bought it!
And then another one!!
(The catch)
Well, the seller left the train car and I could see from the window that the first buyer was actually working with him! XANANIGAINS!
THOSE GUYS MANAGED THE SUPPORTIVE BIAS without studying it in the School!!


  When making choices your brain will play tricks on you. so try to avoid those biases with the most racional decision. Specially in groups decision, and I guess that’s why in elections the ballout paper is hidden and secret. It will be another bias! haha



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