Intro (Play-by-play)

I remember while working at AllApps, in Sao Paulo Brazil we implemented the system to develop software (mobile apps) from the time the client enter to the time we deliver the software. The draw of the whole process took several weeks and actually was very interesting to me after all.

Scrum Master

Although it was my first job after the bachelor, it was also my first job as Scrum Master. I might add, it was all new to me. People reporting you what they have done is something very interesting and


In the end we did not implemented it by-the book, but it was good to have done it. For our small group, we didn’t need 5 minutes everyday to know what each grouop member was doing. Just a quick chat or email was enough to know if the person accomplised the issues of the previous day. Also everybody working in the same room we could see the progress ourselves.

The computers distributions, I mean people distribution makes comunication easy. It is very naively draw below.

| p1                   p2                      p3|

|                                                       |

|                  TABLE                         |

| p4                                              p5|

|                                                        |

_______________[BOSS1 & BOSS2]


Anyways, for certification I recommend [1].


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