Spring boot multiple profiles


Development java web applications with spring is comes in handy considerably when developing production (and fast non production software). I mean, just adding an application.properties with the below can make it very simple to use several profiles, for each development (since Spring Boot 1.3):


And then setting on the mvn’s pom.xml the profiles:

				<activeByDefault>false</activeByDefault> <!-- here if false or true -->
                                <!-- <activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault> -->

And then you have a series of application-*.properties files, mandatorily pattern application-{custom_suffix}.properties, which is place on src/main/resources/application-*.properties, like src/main/resources/application-test.properties, where you will define the properties:

# AUTO-CONFIGURATION - set false for those which is not required
#spring.autoconfigure.exclude= # Auto-configuration classes to exclude.

Interesting logging.config seems to be found in the server deployment, not in the application sources. We can use JAVA_OPTS=”$JAVA_OPTS -Dlogfile.name=test_file_name” to set a file name on runtime:

#appender.R.fileName = ${sys:logfile.name}
appender.R.fileName = ${filename}

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