reading about fusion energy


I’ve seen recently an amazing number of startups that aim to achieve production ready energy generation with fusion energy. It is very exciting, and the number of Canadian companies (or Canadian people behind it), very interesting and really exciting! Some of those have very short term goals, like Zap Energy

However, I’ve started to go deep on the understand of this (as much as possible, during holidays, with not such much technical books). There are several books and I’ve just started, but here is a short list.

I’ve started with a brand new book, The Fairy Tale of Nuclear Fusion (2021), by L.J. Reinders. Based from one of the comments on the video. Well, I’m still on chapter six and it is very well written, but very critical in regards to any timeline for this to be achieved. It is very critical and it seems an honest view, i.e. no assumptions were made and the writer indeed searched before coming to an conclusion, then wrote the book (not the other way around). But clearly the author has a very hard instance on the over-promises some scientists made with goals.

My interested started more because of the recent discoveries (public ones) and because of this video, by Sabine Hossenfelder. Later I’ve seen a couple comparing Tokamak VS Stellarator, VS Inertial confinement, ITER vs JET vs fusion. There is a lot of hard core (deep) information out there, one just need to look for it, and where to do it.

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