jmap -permstat estimation – pt 1



Reading about some issues with jvm here and I found that recently that jmap is actually an estimation based on <sizes for the different types of data a classloader loads>


Jmaps is used to verify several memory statistics from the jvm. I mean, it’s quite useful.

This tutorial is very helpful btw

jmap failure

Sometimes this estimation might fail quite a bit as in this case.

private long computeSize(InstanceKlass k) {
  long size = 0L;

  // the InstanceKlass object itself
  size += k.getObjectSize();

  // Constant pool
  ConstantPool cp = k.getConstants();
  size += cp.getObjectSize();
  size += objectSize(cp.getCache());
  size += objectSize(cp.getTags());

  // Interfaces
  size += arraySize(k.getLocalInterfaces());
  size += arraySize(k.getTransitiveInterfaces());

  // Inner classes
  size += objectSize(k.getInnerClasses());

  // Fields
  size += objectSize(k.getFields());

  // Methods
  ObjArray methods = k.getMethods();
  int nmethods = (int) methods.getLength();
  if (nmethods != 0L) {
     size += methods.getObjectSize();
     for (int i = 0; i < nmethods; ++i) {
        Method m = (Method) methods.getObjAt(i);
        size += m.getObjectSize();
        size += objectSize(m.getConstMethod());

  // MethodOrdering - an int array that records the original
  // ordering of methods in the class file
  size += arraySize(k.getMethodOrdering());

  return size;

I think it worth doing part two about this.



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