Intro to BPM – pt 1



It has gradually become common within organizations and is already considered by many managers and professionals in several areas as a worldwide trend, this is BPM.


BPM is an acronym for Business Process Management. It is a discipline, a methodology of work with practices aimed at transforming the company through the management and optimization of its work processes, improving the organizational performance. Therefore it is neither a tool nor a software.

Processes are the basis of work in BPM, they are any activity or set of activities that takes an input, adding to it a value, and provides output generating a valued product. Then in a process are known the steps to be followed, the sequences in which they will occur, the people (or profile) involved in all the activities and the final product to be produced.

Harrington summarizes well the role of the process in a company: “Processes use the organization’s resources to deliver objective results to their customers” (Harrington, 1991).

All process has a flow, with beginning, processing and end. To help visualize this flow and still create a design pattern, the BPMN was developed, a a symbology and normative for process modeling, but this topic will be discussed in a new post.


-Gabriel A.

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