Complementary subtitles



My mother language is Portuguese-Br, also called Brazilian Portuguese, or Brazilian language, as the Portuguese people themselves call this way. It’s interesting that I started learning English in a formal when I was 9 or 10, but it is uncertainty the exact time I started to learn English, since many songs, sentences and jokes and movies (…) were in English.
Interestingly this happens with English, but some songs in French too, and other languages to some extent, like Russian and German. Much less though.

Complementary subtitles

It is interesting that watching some movies with subtitles in different languages, English and French, or French and German. I understand much better than just watch in just one language.
Since the words are never the same, the adaptation is not 1 to 1. The translators usually read the plot, understand it and translate, especially for German.
So when watching a series in German with English subtitles we get different and complementary sentences that help understand the real meaning of the content.


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