Although I never did a post related to that topic, I’m very thankful for Canada for all the help I got here. I remember my first day in Canada, it if I compare with today, I can see the clear evolution, English skills, French, exchange, masters. Three provinces, 6 years.

Canada is really big and has many opportunities. Each province has its own characteristics and therefore are incomparable. I can’t compare also because of each province I had a different experience.

In Nova Scotia: I was a bachelor student living in the university’s residence

In Quebec: I was doing my masters near the university in a shared apartment. Just later on I got a job and an apartment.

In Ontario: I work mostly and live in a shared apartment.
I don’t know what it will happen in the future, but from the map below, someone could say I will move to Manitoba, then Alberta and retire myself in BC! haha! Since I’m moving always from East to West.

Canada’s Map



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