GLS School



I was watching Learn German with Jenny[2] and I remembered my GLS classes. GLS, which stands for German Learning School, is a school in Berlin about zu + infinitive.

By the way, Berlin is fantastic, is one of the best schools I have ever been, special people and stuff all over. So many things to do, and people all over the world always very nice and open. There were some not that cool people but the percentage was very low actually. Being there during the World Cup was very special.

The wall is very very interesting, it shows how bizarre and segregative the humans can be.

Zu + inf / Verb + inf

Ich habe Lust ins Kino, zu gehen.

Ich habe versprochen, ihm am Wochenende zu helfen.

Those sentences doen’t have subjective and actually use the verb in the infinitive[1]

There are verbs that don’t need to zu though:

Present: Ich sehe den Postboten kommen.

Past: Ich habe den Postboten kommen sehen.

Present: Sie hat das baby schreien horen.






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