Pedagogy of the OPPRESSED


Nowadays is seems to be a not popular thing to talk about Paulo Freire, but I will write this post anyways.

The oppressed shall not be the oppressor of the oppressor.

Pedagogy of the oppressed

   1 – Find the oppressor
             The delimitation of rules and lines makes the oppressor less humanized, since making another human being oppressed makes one less human.

    2 –  The oppressor should strugle to have equal right, i.e. not having a huminized relationship.

3 – Freedom of the oppressor’s power though transformation of reality. Freedom is not an manifestation but rather a entire mobilization and change.

    4 – The pedagogy will become therefore the pedagogy of all mans.


Movie reference
  In the end of The Hunger Games – Mockingjay – Katniss , must kill the oppressor (Snow) and then she actually realize that the oppressor will just be replaced and kills Coin.
[1] Pedagogy of the Opressed. Paulo Freire

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