MPX Project


After entering the university I quite realized that people didn’t have the same opportunities for getting into the not-paid universities the same way I did (Actually, I didn’t pass the <vestibular> I managed to enter a private institution with a scholarship).
But anyways, after realizing this I started a volunteer job as the teacher of physics in an NGO back in Sao Paulo, 2012. Uneafro, which was a dissident part of EduCAFRO.

So years later, while remembering all this situation I came to the conclusion that I could help people in some way. Therefore I developed the MPX Project, which is to give the public access to pre-university/university content to the common public without paying for it. You would need only to subscribe and that’s it.
MPX is, therefore, this initiative for creating a public platform for content with videos, tutorials, and exercises for people.
I started developing it using Moodle and created a WordPress web-blog to post more about its development. Although is slow nowadays I didn’t stop it actually. I tested for installations but I’m still developing the platform itself.

Later on/now the problem is to find reliable content to be uploaded not just for my field, computer science, but also for other fields. I contacted some NGO’s and they are open to MPX platform.

Moodle is this online open source platform for teaching. It’s actually quite nice and it’s developed in modules. So your Moodle installation might have more or fewer modules according to your needs.
I hope to have it working, at least partially in 2019!


[1] Moodle 

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