A close friend of mine recently got a job in a company that I was interviewed to work with. Actually, I managed to pass all the stages of the process and got to talk to the hiring manager in the last interview.

This was back in Sao Paulo, in 2014 and some days before this final interview I found more information about this Spanish company. Yup. Anyways, the process was in English but also in Spanish – mine is not good sorry. I found that the gap between a worker in Sao Paulo and another in Madrid, where the company has its HQ was huge. I mean, the difference was really undeniable.
With this information in hand when I started to talk with the hiring Manager, I explained to him that I thought it was not far and that we should earn the same amount of money. I knew the taxes are higher in back in Brazil but it does not explain that gap.
He argued saying that an average worker in Sao Paulo would have less productivity and therefore they pay less. I counter argue that it was not my case and they should, therefore, use a compensation scheme/bonus instead of paying less for the same employee in two different locations of the company. They do the same thing, they should be paid equally (taxes aside of course)

I remember I left the company that day knowing that they would not call me and this was confirmed later. But I disagree I should have accepted working for them for less.

I’m very glad we disagreed that day. Later on, that same year, I started working at Agile Solutions – which had projects with SAP – and was accepted to do my graduate studies at Dorsal Lab.

Your CV vs your profile 

The main point of this short history is to trust in your guts, work hard, make the difference and your profile will shine eventually. It does not matter the place, your profile will break through the invisible walls that divide people, e.g. citizenships and others non-meritocratic measurements of success.
Your CV is part of you but it does not represent you and all your skills as a person. Keep working hard.


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