The first project I participated in my bachelor was supervised by prof Ismar Frango and it was very interesting actually but in the end I couldn’t use if for the original idea: use for CAVE!
CAVE is this huge thing you go inside and can see objects in 3D using the proper equipment, mirror and some projectors!
   It is a cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D objects! It is quite powerful! =D. It’s not difficult to use and I was able to build some interesting stuff. I miss this time of my life. Coming home and building my first project!
In the end
   The project did continue since there was no CAVE to do the tests and all. But I’m glad I learned a bit of OpenGL! Later I use OpenGL in my master thesis also.
  This is the only project I have without presentation haha!
  You can find the code here [1].


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