Learning about computer education is learning about Seymour Papert

    One of the most important researchers in terms of computer science learning is Seymour Papert and his work at MIT, according to Paulo Blikstein from Stanford University (Blikstein, 2015). He is the first to define computational thinking and children development!!

    Seymour Papert, more than just the development of the Logo programming language, developed several corollaries and observations, theories and recommendations. It is possible to encountermention his ideas of merging constructivism and computer science within several papers, which formare the main part of this experiment. From his book Mindstorms, we can abstract ideas of computers influence contributing to mental processes of how people think (Papert, 1980).

It was built upon
Constructionism takes in consideration the constructivist theories viewing learning as a reconstruction which is basically see learning as transmission of knowledge.

Constructing based upon meaningful products for the learners.

Constructionism bases

Problem-based learning

Reconstruct knowledge instead of transform

One laptop per child initiative

Together with  Nicholas Negroponte and Alan Kay, Seymour launched the this initiative, the laptops should cost around 100$.

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