VM.info on heap and native investigations


Complementary to getting the jcmd VM.native_memory, the jcmd command VM.info, which I discussed a few times on this blog can be an awesome tool for investigating (native) leaks. This feature requires 8u222 or later if I’m not mistaken.

In fact, for containers, I would just get jcmd VM.info directly, which in fact has the jcmd VM.native_memory. So VM.info can, easily be used instead – Native memory info will be on the VM.info.

jcmd PID VM.info

VM.info will show detailed summary of the VM and the OS, including the native details and shared libraries – the native details will only show if Native Memory Tracking flags: -XX:NativeMemoryTracking=summary or XX:NativeMemoryTracking=details are there. Otherwise VM.info won’t display this section – but other sections will be there regardless.

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