Linkedin is bad on basic stuff


I mean, I barely see the website, and I think it is great for looking for jobs and such – I think for searching people is an amazing tool. But it fails in some basic features very badly when you are not looking for job and don’t have the time to keep several profiles being updated. Main reasons below:

The default/main profile written in stone, meaning it is a pain to switch your default profile. You need to go there, delete it and re-create from scratch <– and that’s because they enable this now, for years you just couldn’t. If you moved from one country to the other, just give up on writing your profile in a new language and not being able to set as primary.

The languages integration is none. I have to literally write 5 profiles if I want to keep portuguese, english, french, german, and italian as profile languages. Any minimal change in anything at your current work, it is a pain to go there, change everything back again. I gave up and keep only 3 main profiles.

No language verification. You can add a new spanish profile, write everything in another language. No validation will be made. This is good and bad, because at least you can re-write your main profile in another language, like I did.

Jobs are dynamics like life not static. This is a more general problem, also correlated to writing a CV. You start doing one thing, focus on another, then do another thing, the role you are assign has the duties you are suppose to do, but from time to time the focus changes. Keeping updating all this, every time, from time to time is painful. Creating a more interactive experience would be more useful instead of a few lines for description. Maybe a better timeline, I mean, you start doing that, now you do this, your were someone mentee, now you are a mentor. And so on, sometimes by product. Or even maybe show by project/product.

Sometimes I even think about deleting it there and keeping just my personal blog. But then I cannot see my friends work, or their promotions, or even job changes. Maybe they should try to do less of a Facebook/Meta journal updates/network and more on professional graph network. You can select the other people you interact, see their projects, how they are being displayed.

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