Learning Nihongo


I think that’s was, at the moment, the most difficult language I’ve studied – by a considerably margin.

Even using Quizlet and Ankiweb, and tutoring classes. The alphabets are not easy.

After 2x or 3x studying more Hiragana/Katagana than the entire time Ive studied the Cyrillic alphabet (solid 3x more), I started to memorize the actual letters. And then the verbs, wow.

The tip is to keep the pace and study everyday and don’t give up. After six months of study I did a considerable improvement in my pronunciation and understanding.

I can only be grateful for my sensei, Caio (email caiounb.jap@gmail.com) who helps me considerably this path. I would recommend the services of Mirai school, they have teacher that speak English as well.

After a few years(!) of pandemic, I cannot wait to board my plane to Tokyo and visit them

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