KCS methodology


I’ve been working with the Knowledge Centered Services (writing solutions and articles) since 2018 so 3y+ now. I think it is one of those ideas it worth sharing. It is considerable easily to write solutions and some principles and practices. From solve solve loop: capture, structure, reuse, improve. To the evolve loop: content health, process integration, performance assessment and leadership and communication.

And it is very complementary to ITIL . Since 2014 I have experience with ITIL v3 course, but only later, 2018 is that I learned about KCS methodology. As much as knowledge is part of the workflow, not necessarily treated as the main part of it. I really don’t know how was IT/IT services/IT support without both of those methodologies.

The fact is I always had more fun to easily pass the construction of a natural procedure, which will happily be replicated, instead of a imposition in the workflow. The created solution/article will benefit not only the creator but other valid analysts and customers. That’s an easy sell.

Some principles though, are very important and can be applied every where, like defining/understanding the problem before solving – this one can be applied in almost anything in life/work. But another one I learned, is that more you write, the more you will like it. I think that’s was a big change on this blog on the last couple of years. The more I would write solutions (and I wrote more than 400 of them), the more this blog got organized and simple to read.

Interestingly, on the official website, KCS v6 Practice Guide – Technique 4.1: Reuse is Review, 80% of the problems are solved by 20% of the solution, I will disagree with that. Most of the solutions I have seen I re-used/edit somehow. Even if it was just once, the problem sometimes will help clarify another one in the future. I’d say only 20% or less of the solutions would be seldom to rarely used, but the site might imply a sense of useless, which is not the case.

Finally, I would suggest getting certification for KCS from them, it is very interesting and pushes you to learn more, at least the KCS Fundamental certification.

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