Infinispan/JDG Quickstarts Pt4 – HotRod



This tutorial I have been a long time thinking about doing. This will come in handy: Rod Hot Client Guide

Before start

Download and install the client and install it:

npm install /path/to/jboss-datagrid-7.0.0-nodejs-client/infinispan-0.2.0.Final-redhat-1.tgz

It will also require vorpal js lib =|===>


[fdemeloj@fdemeloj hotrod-endpoint-js]$ node football-manager.js
football-manager >


As the guide mentions, the main part is done after the connection, then the functions are added after, but they use vorpal – bsically all in football-manager.js:

   var infinispan = require(‘infinispan’);
var vorpal = require(‘vorpal’)();

infinispan.client({port: 11222, host: ‘’}).then(function(client)

Commands in Vorpal:

.command(‘at [teamName]’, ‘Add a team.’)


function addPlayer(client) {
return function(args, callback) {
var teamName = args.teamName;
var playerName = args.playerName;

var getTeam = client.get(teamName);
var putPlayer = getTeam.then(function(t) {
return client.put(teamName, appendPlayer(t, playerName));

return putPlayer.then(callback);

Printing value with `​p`

football-manager > at “Holand”
Add Team

football-manager > p
Add Team
=== Team: Holand ===

Interesting facts

  1. If you do ​`tree command` the list of files is huge, cause all the js scripts from the libs are there, apparently.
  2. Deploying in version JDG 7.2 gives an exception, but version JDG 7.3 works perfectly.
    1. ERROR [org.infinispan.server.hotrod.CacheDecodeContext]ISPN005003: Exception reported: org.infinispan.server.hotrod.InvalidMagicIdException: Error reading magic byte or message id: 13 at org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder.readHeader(
  3. Using vorpal makes the example pretty easy, with help and everything – tutorial here
  4. The package.json` has the dependencies and others info about the project
  5. `` is not used.

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