Container-based application design



I just realized that I actually never wrote about Openshift here.


This a platform as service, PaaS, above IaaS and below the application, with Kubernetes and Docker. It is based in OpenShift Origin community project.

Container based Paper

The original paper, they explains several principles regarding the design of software for cloud based containers.

I think we can get the main points, which should not be ignored:

• Aim for small image

• Support arbitrary user IDs.

• Mark important ports.

• Use volumes for persistent data.

• Set image metadata.

• Synchronize host and image.

Container based Patterns

The paper I think is very much complemented by the Container based patterns, presented in the end

> Module Container

> Adapter

> Sidecar /Sidekick patterns

> Container chains

(I love this presentation btw, Matthias is very funny and left the url’s for the photos in the end).


Actually it is interesting this site , trust radius, that brings reviews about productions.



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