Glasshfish/Payara/ loader plugin



I remember when I needed to do small deployment, I would use GlassFish. In the beginning it was quite annoying, but you get used to it.

Complaining at the asadmin because it was deploying my war, even it was not my fault. The console is quite intuitive though, very nice and useful.


asadmin: it’s the administrative utility for Oracle Glassfish. To deploy, just do:


asadmin deploy war-name


The Adminstration Guide is here, btw.


It can be used with mod_jk, which is this plug-in that handles the communication between Tomcat and Apache.

Political debates

   Well, ok, Francisco, and compared to JBoss, how is it? 

I won’t say anything, please see the experts answer.


Well, I personally used only GlassFish, and I prefer the name GlassFiss over Payara. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for this name though. On their website there isn’t any dot in Brazil, that might explain why I don’t like the name. PR stuff in SA is not as good.

Known Issues

I think it is worth digging in the known issues of the servers, just in case.  Quite annoying that you might have issues by setting as option on the jvm.


I found this quite interesting project done by Adam Bien. It is called loadr, which is a utility to deploy applications in Glassfish/Payara.

It’s similar to asadmin, but uses REST interface and it is self-contained JAR, which accordingly to the author is very useful fro CI environments.

The Git hub is here



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