GC – GC and GC’s



Today I’ll describe two tools for GC: GCViwer and JMeter.

In Eclipse you just need to do:

-Xloggc:/whatever/Downloads/LOG.log -verbose:gc

> in the server configuration as shown here Garbagecat


This is a tool for quite look up on GC files. Just download the source and run mvn clean install and it’s all done.

Here below is one of my experiments with a gc.log file in the GC viewer. Just used [viewer] [log.file] and it will pop up:



JVM tuning is not a magic trick. So JMeter is a way to stop the gambling and magic and do some metrics based on load simulations, so then we can tune the JVM options for the optional.

Unified JVM logger

Well, the JEPS 158, Java 9, introduces a unified logger mechanism.


The source or GCViwer.

The JMeter can be found here

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