Station F



I plan to launch 10 unicorns in the next 3 years. Xavier Niel

I like to have goals and work diligently towards them, Xavier Niel is certainly one of them and has a similar story of Elon Musk, make money to re-invest in new and more important things. Xavier created the Station F, which he invested 250 mi Euros, and it’s basically the biggest startup campus – in the world.

Station F

If you don’t know about Station F, is a startup incubator, actually the biggest in the world and getters people of all shorts for the same reason – be an entrepreneur.

I miss so much not have seen the campus on my last trip to Paris, it’s huge and so many people, you certainly find someone with similar – or totally different – for a nice chat.

Job Board

Take a look at the boarding of job opts there, it’s huge and it’s great, with 1000+ jobs from Front-end to Data analysis, it’s great[2]. There are volunteers and internships too, ofc.





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