Mars outline


Below are some outlines of the evolution in Mars starting in 2024

1. People will go to explore
2. People will go to make science
3. If there is people you need places for the them to stay and food
4.The more people, the more business
4.1 Mining – Iron and stuff
5. People will use it to make exploratory research
6. The amount of people grow more ideas of jobs
7. The data flow (Earth – Mars) will increase
7.1 Satelites, cables, stuff will grow
8. Data centers/Data storages will be created in Mars, the bigger than Earth
8.1 People will realize that mining is not enough, they will start to make products on mars and ship to earth.
8.2 Mars gravity is smaller, therefore is easier to make a rocket there and send to other planets
9. High demanding jobs for technicians will be created
10. Mars becomes a pole for deep space technology
11. Number of people on mars reaches 50mi, Mars is the richest nation and request a formal separation from earth
12. As a separate entity more services and people will come
13. The nations on Earth create similar nations on Mars
14. Creation of MUN – Mars United Nations

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