I usually use for quick prototyping some stuff, it’s very clean and although I couldn’t find any other mention of this online framework, ie. Online IDE, I think it’s quite interesting and I talked several times about it here.

Those are some interesting features that I’d like to highlight:

It’s an online IDE for development in several languages

Learn and teach

There are courses with assignments and all. Quite cool, I’m doing a course there.

Multiple languages

Well, the possibility to use several languages, including python2.7 and python3 is quite interesting.


Not that much used, the possibility to post some questions online is very interesting. Although most often the questions that arrive while developing are googleable, once in a while there are more architecture questions.


I think it’s one of the most powerful features of and allows someone to code with someone else.  I recently started to develop a project with a colleague and it was quite intersting.



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