My training at the bachelor level was always to avoid external help and program basically with a paper and a pen, later passing it to the computer! Mainly to avoid a lot to use unnecessary tools to do things they don’t require, trying to learn and improve yourself in a language is NOT HELPED if your IDE continue to solving all your issue.

But for improving the speed and IN REAL LIFE some tools really help, and this is the case for PyCharm! totally. Or even Microsoft VS PVT! microsoft cof cof 


You can find PyCharm here [1] and the download straight from the link [2]. I remember in the previous versions, back some years, it was kind of basic, nowadays though, it’s very powerful with many tools and stuff, it’s like a VS for python developers.
Remember to download/install python first, since it doesn’t come with the IDE.

I’m currently using version 2018.1.4, which is quite simple and basically plug and play. Install and run in 5 minutes.




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