RPG to life



When I was 10 years old, the school showed me RPG. A silly and non-sense game about doing nothing sited in a table with dice. I was wrong later I started learning AD&D and then D&D. I learned so many concepts and stuff. I could mention many things. One of the moments of more happiness in my life my character became ::ArchiMage:: in 2006, in June, 12, if I’m not wrong. I still have the info of my character, D&D3.5. Level 17! Almost Epic. 

Well, for quite some time I thought I would open a start-up that trains people using RPG. Maybe one day, who knows.


The diagram below shows the abilities that are actually improved while playing RPG.

> Cognitive abilities: several

> Writing skills:  Fulfill your abilities

> Reading skills: The magician can choose 4 spells to prepare today. Which one to use

> Socialization: Schedule Sunday meetings with at least 4 people.

> Interpretation: Do really think an elf archer would Neutral would do this thing?

> Creativity: The meals are finished, what to do?

> Strategy: 4 players against 20 rob-goblins.

> Math: if you spend more than 20seconds after rolling the dice calculating your bonus. Lost your turn.




[Source1] I got this pic from Facebook, so I don’t know who did. The person deserves all the credit.

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