Information is useless without sharing



Listening to Seu Jorge, a Brazilian guy from Rio de Janeiro, I came to this song below. It’s called Ze do Caroco and talks about a guy in 70’s that actually developed a sound system in his Slum, aka favela, to broadcast good things of the people of their people. He used to broadcast exactly during the soap opera, aka novela, since those days these shows only used to portrait bad info about favela’s people. The song also claims there should be another person like this, going against bad reputation/news from the MAIN media groups.
Later Zeh do caroco was denounced by a neighbour since this person couldn’t watch the soap-opera!

Information is useless without sharing

I think one of the main reasons I created this blog was not to share some of the content I’ve been learning those last years in my field. From Performance to Paulo Freire, information is only knowledge when shared.

I would like also to thanks my college and close friend, Gabriel Alabarse, for all his all on our projects. Although since 2015 we don’t live in the same country, Canada vs Germany, we work close to spread this content for all the people.


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