Small Context

During my final months at the Dorsal Lab, in Montreal, I started co-supervising Gabriel’s work in Anhembi Morumbi [1]. After writing some lines of code in python, we actually came to the conclusion that the scripts could be adopted for several open source projects and then we combined all the ideas in the MazelTov framework. Part of the work is not implemented yet but we have the drafts summarized and several scripts in git already.


From all the MazelTov framework, we came to the conclusion that it would be too big for a undergrad project so we divided in phases and the first was actually the one we presented as his undergrad thesis.

The so called TCC, aka honor thesis, was presented at Anhembi with excitement among the judges, but for us was just part of the main idea to develop a framework combining several performance tools/methods that we actually worked before.

The slides of his thesis can be found here:

MazelTov Framework

The framework is intended to be compiled in scons [cof cof], and integrated to other tools such as Lttng. The idea is to have an independent tool for performance comparison using the methods that I developed in my master, but with other scripts as Differential FlameGraph. It is in the stack but will be delayed for some papers we have been working on recently.

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