German with CRO


Since I learned English and live in a French neighbourhood, nothing better than learning my 4th language. Also, Austria and Germany are specially nice, so one more reason.

In the beginning was extremely difficult I couldn’t understand much, but if you practive every day for several months, you will start understand some stuff.

There are some tricks to learn fast though:

> Learning everyday

> Find reasons to learn it, e.g. songs you like

> Watch you favourite movies in the new language

> Listen to songs several times

The last tips is better if you have a good song, and CRO, the German rapper, or ropper, is my suggestion today.  He always use a Panda mask and is approx 1year older than me, I was born in 91 and him in 90. Both in January.

So my tips of the day are those, please when you have time, listen to Einmal um die Welt, by CRO. The song makes you want to dance, almost instantaneously.

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