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Teaching using

I was able to teach kinds in private and in a NGO organization back in Brazil using in 2015 and I cannot complain on the opposite actually. I think it’s a very powerful and fun learning tool for kids, k-12 up to 15 or 16 years.

My conclusions

My conclusions in this matter were compiled and presented in the conference ECGBL 2017 in Graz, Austria. I might add actually that my main conclusion was that for less skilled kids, motivation was a key aspect of the learning process to deal with the frustations of learning.


In my next works in education I will certainly talk more about motivation and frustration. How frustration/expectation and motivation makes a key in the learning curve of kids and how to improve that, so that’s why I developed the framework.

My second conclusion is to follow the flow, if the kids learning a competitive or cooperative manner, the teacher should just follow the flow instead of going agains it.

The slides can be found here [2]


Nowadays the platform is actually much more interesting for kids and the additional features they added were awesome. The several parts added, like Minecraft clearly makes a different to teach kids. I might add that improved so much on those last years. Minecraft part, the drawing and the small challanges were the parts the studesnts most liked.


de Melo Jr, I. F., Mendes, G. A. R., & de Paula, R. (2017, October). A Game Framework to Teach Computer Science Concepts. In European Conference on Games Based Learning (pp. 138-147). Academic Conferences International Limited.





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