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I started my Bachelor in 2009, after 6 months studying Chemistry at Oswaldo Cruz. At Mackenzie, I learned many things, but I basically became an adult. In 2012 I received a scholarship from the Federal Government to do an exchange program to Canada, in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Saint Mary’s University.

I’m very glad I came to Canada, it’s an amazing country, a land of opportunities! After the exchange we were suppose to come back, for contractual reasons, so that’s what I did. I went back and finished my Honour Thesis, which was based on some Psy tests, the list is below:


The selected tests were: PVT test, Ebbinghaus test and Stroop effect.  There were actually many tests we could implement, but those seem the most famous ones.


So to do it, I grabbed some materials I had from the work with Prof Jason Ivanoff, I compiled it and created an mobile application for Android and iOS. The app in Android can be found here [1]. By the way, I miss prof Jason, he was really really nice! He used to say Canadians save their emotions to emoticons 😀 haha!


Below is my bachelor presentation, which was presented in December 2014.

App Android and iOS

The Android App can be found [1] it is called PVT test and brings Decartes. It was developed using Eclipse and uses MVC model. The process to build it Waterfall Model. I got some help of Jovian Trotman, who taught me the basic lines in Android programming.

The iOS app was developed by me with some help of Leao Bicalho, a developer from the north part of Brazil.  The iOS used the  COCOS2D library and the app is composed of a main menu with the three tests.

Source Code

The source codes can be found in my GitHub account[1], together with all the content I have i.e. reports in Portuguese/English and presentation.

[1] :

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